Changing How We Ride

Smart helmet technology will reshape how motorcycle enthusiasts ride by significantly improving rider safety and connectivity. Ivan Contreras, the President and CEO of SKULLY Technologies was seeking the best potential smart helmet technology to bring to market as a step towards building out a broader transportation ecosystem. His vision is to connect you to all the things you love to enrich your ride and connect you to all the things you need to ensure your safety.

Atlanta, GA

SKULLY Technologies calls Atlanta home

New Leadership

Ivan is the CEO of Torrot which develops smart, electrical vehicles that fit into the ecosystem of an efficient, connected city. He is also CEO of GasGas, the leader in off-road motorcycles. Both companies were failing before he took the helm and now successfully lead electrical urban transportation and off-road motorcycling. So when it came time to incorporate smart helmet technology into his expanding portfolio, he knew SKULLY had the most promising smart helmet technology and has positioned himself to once again, turn-around a brand and bring it to a leadership position.

SKULLY Technologies with AR and AI applications for wearable gear represents another addition to the portfolio of companies leading the future of smart mobility.

Leadership Team

Ivan Contreras

Cofounder / President

Rafael Contreras


John Lauten


Himanshu Parikh


Diane Maier

Director of Marketing

SKULLY Technologies is hiring a complete Atlanta-based engineering team to design and manufacture the next generation of SKULLY AR helmets and other new action sports products.

Advisory Board

Scott Wharton
Scott Wharton
Daniel Reiner
Daniel Reiner
Jose Luis Pino Mejías
Jose Luis Pino Mejías
Javier de Rocafort
Javier de Rocafort
David Wanek
David Wanek
Western Technologies Investment
Iñaki Torres
Iñaki Torres


To be the leader in augmented technologies designed to enrich the personal mobility interconnect.


Establish a new standard for safe, enjoyable mobility.

Core Values

Devoted to our customers.
Relentlessly dedicated to outcomes.
Welcome and push boundaries.
Transparent and all-inclusive.
Unwavering respect for each other.