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Investors Rescue SKULLY
and Rebuild Team

Available for Release: 10.12.17
Ivan Contreras and Rafael Contreras, successful businessmen in a variety of global turnaround industrial and technology ventures, were selected by Western Technology Investment to revive SKULLY, the first AR motorcycle helmet attempted to be mass produced by SKULLY, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up.

Ivan Contreras, the President and CEO of the new company SKULLY Technologies, has assembled a new leadership team and has located the headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia with the goal of fulfilling SKULLY’s destiny.

In addition he leads the motorcycle company Torrot and GasGas with a successful track record in the US and in Europe. SKULLY Technologies with AR and AI applications for wearable gear represents another addition to the portfolio of companies leading the future of smart mobility.

“Our mission at SKULLY Technologies is to be the leader in augmented technologies which enrich how people engage with the broader mobility interconnect for a safer and more enjoyable experience”, says Ivan Contreras, President and CEO of SKULLY Technologies. Ivan further states that his vision is to develop products and services which integrate to prevent accidents from ever happening.

SKULLY Technologies new leadership team includes Ivan Contreras CEO, John Lauten as COO, Himanshu Parikh as CTO, Jason Scherr as CFO and Diane Maier as Director of Marketing.

“We are looking forward to bringing SKULLY, the first AR motorcycle helmet technology to mass production in the summer of 2018” says John Lauten COO of SKULLY Technologies. “I’m excited to deliver SKULLY to the SKULLY Nation.”

Ivan closes with, “I believe Atlanta is the ideal home for SKULLY Technologies and I plan to bring other businesses to this highly talented and quickly growing region.”

About SKULLY Technologies

SKULLY Technologies designs and manufacturers AR and AI wearable technology as a part of the broader mobility interconnect. SKULLY Technologies was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. SKULLY Technologies is majority owned by Ivan Contreras, President & CEO of Torrot/GasGas motorcycle brands and Rafael Contreras, President of Carbures, aerospace carbon fiber manufacturer and minority owned by Western Technology Investment, a silicon valley venture capital firm and Daniel Reiner a private investor with interests in transportation technology.